lang club

"Lang Hui" of the decoration theme "music" as the core. The center of the club is a covers an area of 500 square meters of playing center, display a price of about 200 million Yuan Shi Steinway Ruby ebony piano, the piano in the music circle is the famous piano king, ruby ebony piano and belongs to investment collectors of the love and lovers in general can only hope helplessly Jean. In addition, long sinks with the audio equipment is quite elegant, according to staff revealed that Lang Lang would occasionally in this held a small concert, so look for the purchase of the late after repair tone not requiring professional grade audio.
In addition to playing center, in other parts of the club to wine culture theme is divided into four regions, namely Scotch whisky, wine, Japanese food and the cocktail lounge and four theme decoration style different, combination of traditional Chinese aesthetics and Western design elements, design methods of the break by the admiration of many people in the industry.