"Villa, Xinhui to new" this is Guangdong Heng Jie investment holding group and our work together to complete a in Xinhui first to ecological garden as the main theme of large villas, named "Bel Air". Project planning and land 132073 square meters of the, a total construction area of 301657 square meters of volume rate 1.828, green rate of 35.6%, 1941 the total number of households, 5748 square meters of commercial building area, motor vehicle parking spaces to 2019, non motor vehicle configuration spaces in 973. Project development in one or two stages. Only the first phase of a total construction area has reached 42712 square meters, the platoon villa construction area vp40554 square meters, 1982 square meters of commercial building area, the total number of 158 households. Very advantageous geographical location, is located adjacent to the Xinhui District, Xinhui District, distance not to a distance of 5 km, adjacent bird of paradise, Liang Qichao's former home, and other famous tourist attractions, the surrounding the project has high school and gymnasium, comprehensive perfect.